British Columbia Adventure Rides

Posted at 12:11 pm on 05/28/2014 by Hunter
​Hello to all of my friends in the saddle!

We have set dates for the summer trip to British Columbia.  As in our previous rides we will start in Banff where we will all assemble at the Resort on Lake Louise.  The destination will be in the Jasper region just north up the Yellow Knife highway.  The lupine will be blooming at their peak, the smell of Spruce trees and the snow capped Rockies will make for a spectacular ride.

This will be advanced riders only as in our previous mountain rides.  Accommodations will start in luxury and shift to our mule train provisioned tents and grub.  Though Escobar will bring his amazing back country kitchen.  We will return to the Inn in Banff a couple days before departure.

Contact my office on the private line if interested.  

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