About: Gold Creek Training Facility

Hunter on Lonsome Dove

Hunter spent 20 years as the leading equine trainer in the Hollywood Production Industry. Numerous films on all continents are in his credits ... training as many as 50 horses for a specific film and 30 riders. Hunter was the "go to trainer" able to put together remakable scenes for the most demanding producers in every equine discipline.

Hunter Stunt Double for Rambo 3

Hunter found his way to Hollywood when discoverd by the Rambo 3 casting team at a California Rodeo Competition. His conditioning from life on the ranch, his tour as a decorated Ranger in the US Army and as a top ranked professional rodeo champion made him the best candidate. After there months of rigorous weight training with Sly and his personal physical trainer ... Hunter was ready for the big screen.

Young Hunter on the Ranch

Growing up on a third generation working cattle ranch ... Hunter can not remember a time he was not on a horse. The 120,000 acre Gold Creek Ranch is renown for wildlife conservation and raising the finest organic buffalo, beef and lamb. Huter could always be found at the top of the pack growing up on the Arizona youth rodeo circuit.

Hunter On Camera

Hunter's first break into the Hollywood scene was as a stunt double for Sylvester Stalone on Rocky Three. Hunter was discovered by the Director's casting crew while competing in a California rodeo competition.

US Army Ranger

Hunter left the ranch at 18 years of age to join the US Army (like his father and grandfather before him). Hunter's determination and grit led to earning his tab as a US Army Ranger. He specialized in Air Assault, Airborne Operations and Small Unit Combat techniques. His markmanship from years of hunting on The Gold Creek Ranch led to earning his sniper qualification. Decorated in an number of covert operations Hunter was honorably discharged due to sustaining an injury during a remote operation where he earned both the Silver Star, Purple Heart with his unit receiving a Presidential Citation Award.