Glass Bottom Boat Manatee Eco Ride Tours - Crystal River Florida

1 1/2 Hour Manatee Ride Tour
Join us on our next Glass Bottom Boat Ride tour in Crystal River.The experience will leave you in wonder of our amazing world we live in.Our experienced captain and guide will transport you to see the manatees from our exclusive Glass Bottom Boat.

Swim With Manatees! You can’t help but to fall in love with these curious, friendly, and slow moving "gentle giants" and return from your Swim with Manatees tour with a clear understanding of the need to protect them. The Florida manatee is a curious, friendly and playful animal by nature. You will interact with them as they play in the warm, year round 72 degree spring waters of Crystal River. Snorkel with manatees in their natural habitat while they show their curiosity towards humans. Our 2 hour manatee swim tours are an incredible and unforgettable experience for both children and adults of all ages. Our entire swimming with manatees tour times is scheduled for maximum interactions. Up close and personal manatee encounters with the is what we strive for. Seeing these wonderful animals in their natural habitat will be an experience you will remember a lifetime.

Our swim with manatee tours are conducted each day, year round. We offer manatee tours that are perfect for the beginner, or the experienced snorkeler. Of course, if you prefer not to enter the water, you are welcome to stay on board the glass bottom boat to view the manatees from above and even capture those once in a lifetime pictures. our Paradise Boat Tour  guides will be in the water with you, capturing the manatee photos and in water manatee encounters of you . Education, and awareness are our goals! Fun, adventure, and a lifetime of memories will be your reward at the end of the day!

Swimming With Manatees Come experience an unforgettable connection with one of the most amazing animals of the sea.We would like to share with you, our love of the manatees, and the beautiful springs of Crystal River.Once you have experienced swimming with the manatees, you will be sure to share in our enthusiasm, love, and respect for these gentle creatures.We offer "private" swim with manatee tours for groups of any size. Contact us for more details.
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