About Us: Pacific View Ecuador

Gonazalo and Narcisa Pozo

PACIFIC VIEW HOTEL & RESORT (PVHR) owner and developer, Gonzalo Pozo, principal of INVPED, SA, Inversions Pedernales, SA, and primary owner and developer of EMPROCOL SA.  POZO owns and manages the GRAND HOTEL SANTO DOMINGO located in Santo Domingo  de Los Tsachilas, Ecuador, a hotel well known and successfully operated and growing since 1998. The Grand Hotel Santo Domingo, best in its class is constantly thriving to modernize and meet the standards of its customers. Pozo and his team are bringing to the table a vast experience in the hotel development, management and tourism industry in his native Ecuador. After a comprehensive market study several reasons became obvious as to why the time to build and grow in Pedernales - Ecuador is NOW. First, there is no "hotel resort" in the area that will offer such prestigious amenities to its owners/investors. Second, it is the closest beach to Ecuador's Capital, Quito. PVHR is a beautiful place to vacation. Take the time to research what this beautiful country has to offer for the traveling tourist who is looking for an adventure and would love to stay in a resort on the Pacific shoreline. Third, it is one of the most attractive beaches in the Pacific coast with miles of tranquil beaches, quaint fishing villages, estuaries,  expansive views and breathtaking sunsets. Lastly, it is located in the center of the world where the equator line passes through offering 80-degree temperatures all year round. Come to the RESORT and share "the experience".

INVEST IN YOUR DREAMS, RECOUPERATE your money, ENJOY your vacations and WIN BIG; this is our philosophy.
This is an opportunity to become a partner and to enjoy the luxury you deserve as a partial owner of a resort away from home.
Located in Pedernales, way to Cojimies km 3, with more than 300,000 sq. ft. of land, 350 ft. of sand beach front, private beach 36 beach front condominiums that include 2 bedroom, 2 bath, kitchenettes,  balcony, lazy river, infinite pool view, bar - restaurant and more. All amenities included with NO HOA maintenance fee by enrolling in the PARTNERS CLUB. Contact us today and take advantage of our special Pre-Construction offer.