Ocean Crabbing Trip



$75 per person

This trip will take you into the open ocean close to the shoreline for the larger Dungeness crab coupled with a fantastic scenic tour. On top of great crabbing, you will enjoy the view Simpson Reef where Sea Lions like to hangout, Baltimore Rock, Tenmile Creek inlet, and have plenty of great fun, We provide all the crab pots and bait.

GREAT CRABBING: Crabbing in Coos Bay, Oregon the best on the Oregon Coast. The Dungeness crab are large, and so is the catch. The legal size for Dungeness crab 5 ¾ inches measured from front of the spike on the widest part of the shell. and you can keep up to 12 males per person. The Red Rock crab limit is 24 per person, and you can keep either sex and any size. This is a very fun and exciting trip that produces very large and plentiful Dungeness crab. You will not be disappointed. (An Oregon Shellfish licensee is required for this trip)

CATCHING DUNGENESS CRAB: When it comes to bait for Dungeness crab, it can range from mink, chicken, fish carcasses, and everything else in between. But again, Captain Curt uses his tips & tricks to formulate his secret herbs & spices that attract Dungeness crab by the dozens. He won’t even tell me how he does it, but I know it works.

COOKING CRAB: When it comes time for cooking Dungeness crab, there are several places close by that will cook them for you at about $1 each. Or, you can cook them yourself if you wish using the old fashioned method: Bring fresh bay-water to a boil, add the crab and return the water to boil. Once the water begins boiling then cook 12 minutes for whole crab and 10 minutes for cleaned crabs.

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