Pacific Charter Services's Fishing Reports

Fish Report - Rough Start, Great Finish, Loads of Rockfish

June 9, 2017

Started out this morning looking pretty bad, they had the bar crossing restricted to all vessels, my customers were understanding and waited for them to lift the restrictions and it played off for sure. We limited the boat out on rockfish and a couple Lingcod and limits of ocean crab in no time at all. Then we went back for an afternoon trip and limited the boat out on rockfish and a bunch of Lingcod and lost a nice Halibut right at the boat. Really a fun day with great customers.

Fish Report - Amazing Day for young girls slaying lings

May 19, 2017

We had an amazing day on the ocean today the Lingcod bite was very good we limited the boat in 1 hour. The 2 young ladies we had on the boat today were deadly o...n the fish. The youngest one Mia caught the big Lingcod for the day a 25 pounder. The other lady Tasha caught the biggest Vermillion we have caught this year almost 14 pounds. We limited the boat on Lingcod and rockfish with a good variety and really nice grade on the Vermillion, Copper, Quillback and Canary. Very fun day and very happy customers.


May 1, 2017

Bottom FishingWhen the weather allows, fishing during the winter and spring months for lingcod and rockfish can be fun and successful. Last week there were several reports of blue or green-colored lingcod being caught along the central coast. These blue or green-colored lingcod, sometimes called “Smurf lingcod” are safe to eat, the flesh turns white when cooked, and tastes the same as normal colored lingcod. The coloration comes from a bile pigment called biliverdin (also responsible for some of the coloration when people get a bruise), but how or why this pigment gets into the tissue of lingcod is unknown, although it may have something to do with what the lingcod is eating. New bag and sub-bag limits for 2017: To stay within Federal allocations, and try to provide for year-round fishing opportunities, there are some changes to daily bag limits. Canary rockfish has been declared rebuilt and is now part of the 7 fish marine bag limit (no sub-bag limit). Black rockfish will...

Fish Report - Coos Bay - Deep Water Lingcod Llimits

April 19, 2017

​Went to the coast with my better half and the new pup, and decided since my new motor isn't in my boat, I'd take charter out of Coos Bay ... my first charter trip on the oregon coast. Big thanks to Pacific Charter Services and captain Curt Shoults, the trip exceeded my expectations! Limited 8 people out on Saturday in an hour and half! 16 lings and 56 rockfish. Excellent grade of copper and canary rockfish, some over 6 pounds! Thanks again captain Curt Shoults, I appreciate your willingness to teach other boat captains! Oh, can't forget, we got 25 jumbo sized crab on the way in too! Trip was worth every penny

Lingcod & Rockfish Limits Keep Coming

March 15, 2017

We had another great day fishing for lingcod & rockfish on Sunday, March 12th.  Started about 8am with boat limits by 10:30am.  Crabbing has picked up and we tested a few new spots with good results.  The ocean started off a bit choppy but settled down shortly after we started fishing.  We were about 10-12 miles south of the jaws and really had a great day.  The clients were worn out from catching fish and seemed to really enjoy themselves.  We lost a couple of large fish at the boat that had to be over 40lbs, and it was fun while it lasted. 

Fishng Veterans Honored - Press Release

February 15, 2017

For immediate release. Roseburg, Oregon, February 8, 2017   Fishing Veterans Honored Owner of Pacific Charter Services Creates Non-Profit Organization for Veterans   The owner of Pacific Charter Services, Steven Dwight of Roseburg, has recently established “Fishing Veterans of America” to help provide emotional support and rehabilitation to those outstanding service men and women who have done so much to preserve our freedom.  The first step, effective immediately, is to provide special discounts on all Pacific Charter outings for all U.S. Veterans, including a 40% discount on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and a 15% discount on all other days.   Owner Steven Dwight says: “We had a great year and many of our customers were Veterans, some of whom had various physical limitations.  We asked them how we can better serve them to increase their enjoyment, and we are listening.  We are dedicated to creating the best possible outings for our Vets who are truly worthy...

ODFW Bottom Fish Report

December 23, 2016

Bottom FishingThis past weekend recreational anglers were gifted a calm and pleasant ocean to go bottomfish fishing. For those who took advantage of the brief break in the weather, there was some success for rockfish and limits of lingcod.The recreational bottomfish (a.k.a. groundfish) fishery is open at all depths through March, with the exception of the Stonewall Bank Yelloweye Rockfish Conservation area, approximately 15 miles west of Newport, which is closed to bottomfish and halibut fishing year round.Yelloweye Rockfish with symptoms of barotrauma.- Photo by Bob Swingle, ODFW -Recompression devices.- Photo by Bob Swingle, ODFW -Beginning Jan. 1, 2017 vessels fishing for bottomfish will be required to have onboard a functioning rockfish descending device, and use it to descend any rockfish released when fishing outside of the 30 fathom regulatory line. ODFW continues to encourage anglers to use a descending device when releasing any rockfish with signs of barotrauma. Signs of...