Ocoos Technology Insurance - Orlando Florida

Ocoos Technology Insurance is included with all Ocoos websites. Learn more about how it will benefit your business by saving you time, money and how it increasesyour bottom line.
When operating a small business, you now have to worry about keeping current with technology so you are connecting with your target customers effectively. Do you have the time and skills to understand and adapt to changes in technology while worrying about keeping your business running smoothly?

The world of technology moves at a very rapid pace.  In just a few years, social networking and mobile devices have become critical to the success of any business. However, most small businesses built their marketing and sales infrastructure (websites, ecommerce) with no real thought towards technology obsolescence. Keeping up with these technological changes can be expensive both in time and expensive and time consuming.  That's where Ocoos Technology Insurance saves you time and money.  Every Ocoos website includes Technology Insurance!

You have already figured out the value of these platforms. They provide a service and continuously improve and upgrade it with new capabilities. They were initially on desktop computers; with the pervasiveness of smartphones they incorporated mobile into their offering. As new devices come to the market they adapt their platform to deal with them. As a small business owner you worry about the content – the platform provider takes care of insuring you against technology evolution.


As a small business owner you cannot afford custom solutions – they will distract you with the need to constantly upgrade to track technology changes. Those of you who have embraced platforms – you are at head of the game. The rest of you – what are you waiting for? This is an opportunity for you to lower your risk and costs and focus your energy where it should be – on your business! 

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