Web Terminology Slides for Small Businesses

Posted at 8:12 pm on 01/14/2013 by Ocoos Team
Have you ever wondered what is meant by SEO, CRM, ERP and other terms used in marketing businesses on the Internet? Given the shift to the internet in consumer buying behavior all businesses (especially small businesses) need to understand the basics, and for those that embrace the internet, there is a potential to thrive. 

Here are some great early steps towards innovating your business. Looking for more?

Working with Workforce Florida and Re-View Business Strategies, Ocoos is offering a FREE one hour seminar where these and other digital marketing terms will be explained in a practical lab oriented style. For those who would like to learn more, there will be an opportunity to take deeper classes in the area of digital marketing where there is a potential for 100% reimbursement for the course costs from Workforce Florida. All the courses are certified. Register for the class at  http://www.ocoos.com/services/consulting/digital-marketing-terminology-101-class-1378.html or call our offices at (352) 409-7495


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