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Ocala, Florida web developement, web developer, web developer near me, web design ocala, web design Florida, website development ocala fl,

Ocala, Florida web developement, web developer, web developer near me, web design ocala, web design Florida, website development ocala fl,

Website Development Ocala, Florida

Welcome! We are Ocoos.com and we specialize in Small Business website development in the Ocala, Florida and Marion County area.  Building your Central Florida website has never been easier with an Ocoos certified web developer. Vertical market solutions we have built include hotels, tour operators, professionals (doctors, CPAs, insurance agents, realtors, local distributors, and more.) 

You can learn a bit about us on industry publications (BusinessNewsDaily or  WebsiteMagazine ). If you do a google search on our company, you will find that we are partnered with  leading technology companies such as IBM, Dell, and Microsoft. 

Ocoos is a cloud based small business web platform designed to bring your entire business operations online.

Responsive and E-commerce are two important ideas to understand in terms of your online business solution. Responsive design means that your website works well on both laptop and mobile platforms. This is exceedingly important because it is very likely that your customers are viewing your website on a mobile phone, and the direction is that more will view it there in the future. Because of this trend, Google has gone as far as downgrading sites in search which are not mobile friendly. How does our company compare ?  

We use a technology platform, Ocoos, which we term as responsive+. That is, it works well on mobile devices, but the information is stored in a way that we could put it on other platforms (example iWatch).  With this approach, we can offer customers some level of insurance against technology shifts in the marketplace.

E-commerce is also an important concept because with eCommerce you can turn your digital sign to an actual 24x7 store. With computers doing the work, you can grow revenue while sleeping at night. How does our company compare? Again, we offer the typical solutions for selling products, but in addition, we offer a number of eCommerce capability to sell more sophisticated services. Examples include quote/post-pay or milestone-based payments. The great part is that all the documentation is recorded in a CRM system so that it can be easily tracked and managed.

Starting with the initial customer interaction… and guided by your 100% mobile and user optimized website with online marketing and SEO tools, through the entire purchase process supported by our built in eCommerce with invoicing, to your ongoing customer relationship management; Ocoos offers a complete customer life cycle solution to drive sales.

Ocoos handles all outside interaction online… ranging from service scheduling, product sales, lead generation, event ticket sales and contact forms, to newsletter sign ups and job application portals and more - all included in our low monthly fee.

Ocoos gives you the power to “pick and play” the internet… according to your business needs that week/month/year with real time site updates from your business dashboard - Never pay site maintenance fees again.

Have peace of mind knowing your business website will always be at the forefront of technology resting atop the most complete and technologically advanced small business platform available today.

All Ocoos websites include:

  • Photo
  • Video
  • Turn by Turn GPS Navigation
  • Social Media Integration
  • eCommerce
  • eSign Online Waivers
  • Customer Questionnaires 
  • Online Scheduling
  • Product Sales
  • Blog
  • Class Schedules
  • Ticket Sales
  • Job Application Portals
  • Email Newsletter Sign Up Forms
  • Contact Form
  • Customer Relationship Management tools
  • Financial Reporting tools
  • Invoicing
  • Business to Business Recommendations
  • Analytics / Data Mining

    And more!

Furthermore, we have worked with leading clients or industry associations to build optimized solutions for a number of professions. To learn more:

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Ocoos Announces Breakout First Quarter

(04/08/2014) Ocala, FL :    In its first quarter out of beta mode with a public release of the Ocoos cloud-based internet platform, Ocoos announces breakout performance for Q1 2014.  Highlights of the quarter include: 450% growth (Q413 to Q114) in revenue45% growth   (Q413 to Q114) in premium/concierge clients   76% growth   (Q413 to Q114) in consumers working with Ocoos clients  500% growth (YtY)  in annualized unique visitors. In Q114, breaking through 120,000 (annualized) unique visitors while driving up engagement. “Our story about a simple affordable comprehensive internet platform solution for small businesses is resonating with customers. The Concierge model in particular seems to resonate highly with busy small businesses owners. Our initial successes are leading to further reference sales as delighted customers tell our story to their colleagues.” said Richard Feehan, the VP of Sales and Marketing at Ocoos. In addition, Ocoos made a number of other announcements in the Q1: Uproar PR (www.uproarpr.com), an award winning international PR agency and Ocoos have announced a strategic partnership. “Uproar has a history of working with leading edge market changing companies, and we are delighted to build a strategic relationship with the Ocoos Team,”  said Catorina Harris Co-founder Uproar.RIchard Watts, previously Group Vice President at  Progressive Insurance has joined the Ocoos Board.  “Having run perhaps the most sophisticated consumer internet capability in the insurance industry, I immediately saw the value of the Ocoos state-of-art platform,” said Richard Watts.Gateway Bank and Ocoos continued their strategic partnership by partnering with local chamber, SCORE(SBA entity), and College of Central Florida on very successful series to help small business become more knowledgeable about the Internet. “Our ability to close a significant round of financing at the end of Q4 primarily from our existing investors in just a few weeks gave us a real shot of confidence. With this funding, we have been able to nearly double the size of our business development team and have started scaling the marketing efforts as well.  Our investments should position us well for future growth. “   said Dr. Rahul Razdan, Ocoos CEO.

5 Must have web tools for Small businesses...

(04/03/2013) We have a simple mission: Innovate Small Businesses to be efficient, powerful, and on an even playing field.  Ultimately reaching a point where commerce is driven by quality of products and services instead of financial resources. Here is my list of the most powerful, simple, and productive tools for small business.  The time is now to adapt and thrive in the connected world.  Embrace these technologies and your business and customers will reward you.squareup.comNever again should you lose a sale, or delay potential revenue because you can't accept payment.  Square provides a FREE card reader that works with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device and links with your back account.  It allows your business to accept credit card payments anywhere.  You can also input cash sales and track your sales in a simple and powerful interface.PRICE: 2.75% for credit card swipe transactions, 3.5%+15¢ for manually entered credit cards. Free card reader, app, and analytics.mailchimp.comEvery one has an email and that is great news! E-mail campaigns are a powerful and low cost way to reconnect with your customers and build lasting relationships.  Mailchimp is a very simple to use website for building and sending beautiful emails, plus tracking the open/click rates.  This tool is great for all businesses to excite, connect, and entertain their customers.PRICE: Free for up to 2000 person list.  Additional prices vary depending on the size of mailing list.                       Facebook.com   -    Twitter.comSocial Networking:  Your customers are on social media, and to stay relevant your business needs to be there too.  Social media offers powerful tools for connecting, pushing out information, and providing a trusted communication channel for your customers.-Facebook: Facebook could be considered the new YellowPages.  Potential customers are participating and looking for you and if they don't find you they will find your competition.  -Twitter: Stay on top of your industry with the latest news/content.  Use it to constantly connect with potential customers, and build a brand.PRICE: Both are Free!Quickbooksonline.comA simple accounting software that is completely on the cloud and perfect for small business which need the flexibility of cloud based softwares. Other small business software should integrate nicely, and also your accountant will thank you.PRICE: 5 different plans from $12.95 - $63.16 per monthOcoos.comOcoos offers a powerful and simple consumer facing platform, simplifying the internet and business operations under one roof. Quickly build a modern web presence, and gain access to the tools to run a smarter and more efficient business on the cloud. Ocoos integrates all the best small business tools so you can better manage your social media, gather customer information, build email marketing campaigns, and track your sales. All these capabilities are combined with an easy to manage web presence with blogging and SEO technology. PRICE: Free with optional 8% eCommerce fee  or Upgrade to $25 for complete access to cloud tools and 4.99% eCommerce feeHonorable Mentions:GoogleApps.com: Google apps is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps you and your team connect and get work done from anywhere on any device.  It's simple to setup and use so you can work smarter and focus on what really matters. Set up company emails, share documents on the cloud, and much more.Bitly.com: Create short links for everything you share, and save it to your account.  Bitly mainly provides you the ability to track where your links are going, the number of clicks, and what is driving activity so you can allocate your digital marketing time to the most active platforms.

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