Testimonials - Ocala Florida

As an Exercise Physiologist and Wellness Coach, I have successfully lead many different types of people to a healthier well-being. Shown below are just a few of people just like you, who, reached out to me and successfully conquered their goals.  

Joseph Gaglione, age 73 

I am a senior who has been spending winters in Florida for the past several years. At home, I have been going to the gym regularly for some time and wanted to continue while on holiday in Ocala. I met Brandon this winter and have had the opportunity to work with him for the past several months.  Two days a week Brandon worked one-on-one with me as my personal trainer while the other three days a week I attended his Flexibility & Core Strengthening class.   

Brandon has spent time researching what program would give me the best results and has always been willing to tailor what we do to any specifics I require. He has always been professional and responsible and has a great sense of humor. He starts every session by asking me how I am feeling and how any previous work we have done has affected me.   I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Brandon and regret I will be leaving Ocala to return home to Canada. I look forward to working with Brandon in the future. Should you wish any further information, I may be contacted at the below address and phone number. 

Yours Truly, 

Joseph Gaglione
52069 Range Road 222 
Sherwood Park, Alberta, T8C 1A1 

Elizabeth Siekert, age 35

I always wanted to be one of those healthy individuals who went to the gym. I was envious of the people who went to the gym because they portrayed a lifestyle, happiness, sculpted body, and a certain vitality I wanted to achieve. I was hesitant because I didn’t know how hard or difficult it was going to be. I was particularly apprehensive due to too the perceived daunting changes to my nutrition. I thought the lifestyle was out of reach and the level of commitment was unfeasible. I was afraid to fail and to step out into an unknown territory. I also felt intimidated because I was uncomfortable to be seen in my workout attire. I hired Brandon as my personal trainer in February of 2014. It was very enriching to know I was investing in my own health and I was able to overcome all my reservations toward a healthier lifestyle.

I have seen many changes in my figure that I did not think were attainable. The stubborn fat around my legs and stomach have dissipated and the muscle mass I have gained in only 5 short months inspire me to continue as I now strive for goals I once felt were unachievable but now are within reach. While I do feel challenged during the workouts, I feel myself gaining strength and endurance as the weeks pass and have more energy throughout my workday. Brandon always customizes the routine to my level of tolerance, leaving me feeling challenged but I’m always able to overcome the task at hand, which creates a great sense of pride and accomplishment. He makes coming to the gym fun and always motivates me to strive towards greatness. I feel my work with Brandon has been advantageous especially after receiving recent blood work. My HDLs (good cholesterol) have risen by 20mg*dL, my blood sugar has decreased from around 100mg*dL to under 70mg*dL, and my resting blood pressure now stays around 100/60.

From day one, Brandon has always had a smile on his face and made me feel at ease in his company. He is warm and inviting as soon as I walk in the doors. Regardless of the kind of day I’ve had at work, the hour I spend with Brandon indisputably is the best one of the day. His guidance and willingness to aid me in my journey to well being has made all the difference in the world. He always shares his knowledge of the human body through easily comprehensible fun facts, which allows for a greater understanding of what my body is going through. Thank you, Brandon!

Elizabeth Siekert, RN 

Mathew Velez, age 11

As many parents know, raising a pre-teen does not come easy. My son has had many challenges since the day I took him out of the hospital and placed him in his car seat. Little did I know that this "fussy" baby was later going to be diagnosed with sensory integration deficits and ADHD with anxiety. After countless and expensive doctors visits, specialist, and therapist I was getting desperate for anything to work; however, nothing was. I found part of the solution when my son began working with Brandon. I know that my son's trainer has done great work, all around physically and mentally. He is able to focus more in school and is more confident. Since he has been training with Brandon I have spent less time helping him with school assignments. Also, my son's posture, overall strength, and even appetite has enhanced. Physical training with Brandon is not just about the body it's about the mind as well. I highly recommend Brandon to any parent.

Ileana Velez, a dedicated mom and advocate for the well being of God's children.