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Posted at 10:43 am on 06/27/2014 by Brandon McElroy
A Better Way To Live 

“Take my product and lose 30 pounds in 30 days!!” We’ve all been exposed to the fitness industry in some type of way: Radio ads, infomercials promoting products such as Hydroxycut, and who could forget the “fad” diets the celebrities endorse.  What about Plexus Slim? Seems great, doesn’t it? Stop and think when the last time someone tried to promote true wellness. No, I’m not talking about someone promoting a product (that isn’t even FDA approved) to help you lose your stubborn belly fat. I’m talking about providing you with the necessary tools, data, and support to help you make healthy lifestyle changes that will not only increase the longevity but also the quality of your life. No one benefits from short-term fixes that involve drastic changes to your normal eating habits. Ocala Wellness presents to you sustainable lifestyle changes; this is not a bandwagon, this is a better way to live! 

Ocala Wellness is based solely on the notion to get you in motion. The goal is to MOVE: Motivate Ocala Via Education. The more knowledge of the human body you’re exposed to, the more efficient and effective you can conquer your wellness goals. Ocala Wellness plans to empower the people of Ocala with knowledge of not only how to reach your goals, but throughout every step of your journey we will reveal the process the body undergoes while making these changes.  From children to the elderly, Ocala Wellness has experience successfully working with all age groups!

Through a series of YouTube videos, one-on-one video interviews with your doctors of Marion County, and our FREE Wellness Motivational Newsletter you will have all the tools necessary to guide you to the promised land known as healthier living. If there is any specific topics YOU want to know more about, do not hesitate to drop us a suggestion in the “Contact Us” section. Wellness is supposed to be fun, not dreadful! Join The Ocala Wellness Motivational Newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest interviews, fun facts, and different wellness topics we will cover.

Stay informed stay active stay healthy!

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