Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

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Ocoos Small Business: Mobile Becoming More Important For Small Businesses

Ninety percent of media interactions come through one of four screens (smartphone, laptop, tablet, television) while just 10 percent of media time happens through traditional channels (radio, newspaper, magazine). Moreover, mobile (smartphone and tablet) is the primary research tool for local searches as 62 percent of the U.S. mobile population owns a smartphone and 34 percent of people own a tablet, including 49 percent of college grads and 56 percent of those making more than $75,000. These numbers will continue to climb as mobile plays an increasingly large role in the lives of consumers. What are the lessons:


1. Local search is undergoing dramatic change: Mobile devices are becoming more important for impulse based decisions (where to eat ? where to shop ?) 

2. Tracking Customer Behavior becoming more difficult:  As they move between different devices, the customer identification and segmentation process is becoming more difficult.

3. SMBs should work with partners:  Working with specialists in web technology (ex Ocoos) as well as various distribution partners (yelp, four square, etc)  is very important. 

4. Mobile is the primary use case  for some classes of customers:  50% of's traffic is from mobile.

Is your website mobile friendly? Request a demo for a mobile friendly website in Ocala, Florida today! 

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