GoDaddy Review vs Ocoos for Website Development

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Along with their dominant hosting/domain business, GoDaddy offers a Do It Yourself (DIY) web development tool.  In terms of quality/ease-of-use, it is quite a bit more difficult to use as compared to Wix/Weebly/Squarespace/Ocoos.   With some effort from the customer(2-3 days is not unusual), one can build a decent website, but to do anything real you will need a webdeveloper.  That is, unless you are familiar with terms such as plugins, hosting, dns, etc. Overall, their headset is that we already provide you domain/hosting services, and we can provide a website builder in the process as well.  


Launched by Harvard/Kellogg Alums, Ocoos has built a next-generation platform which focuses on solving the sales/marketing problems for small businesses in a more holistic manner. The Ocoos value statement is an integration of the businesses front-end operations...the homepage, the core offerings, and business operations in a platform based approach. This integration allows an easily maintainable system which can be operational in as little as 20 minutes while providing scalability across devices/browsers. In addition, Ocoos offers concierge services to build the website for the customer.  

Overall, the Ocoos point-of-view is:  “Here is a fully-integrated solution to your internet sales/marketing needs which has already been optimized for user interaction, devices, and browsers. We take care of the technology, so that you can take care of your business”.


In comparing the two solutions at a deeper level, GoDaddy provides an adequate solution in the area of building the initial splash page for a company website..your Internet Storefront.  However, the functionality becomes sparse beyond offering an ecommerce store for products.   In contrast, the Ocoos system is optimized for the busy small business owner who does not have 2-3 hours to just build the website, and needs more complex business interactions...especially with a focus around services.


Overall, if you desire a website which has little need for broader business functions (ex: announce a wedding to the world) or want a splash page to complement an Amazon/ebay product strategy, GoDaddy is an ok solution, but if you want to operate a business which has a bit more complexity (especially services), Ocoos provides a much fuller and deeply integrated solution out of the box.  A web developer can likely build more complex solutions using GoDaddy, but the costs (startup, maintenance, and opportunity) will be significant.

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