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Ocoos delivers the Silver Springs Concert Series Ticketing - Ocala, Florida

June 16, 2014

Did you attend any of the Silver Springs State Park Concerts this past year? If so, chances are you purchased your tickets through Ocoos.com! Ocoos was proud to partner with Silver Springs Management, and the promoter Whats Up Media, in Ocala, Florida as the premier online ticketing service provider for the summer 2013 concert series featuring well known musician Willie Nelson.  Ocoos online ticket sales are an easy solution for events. Do you think your business or non-profit in Ocala, Florida could benefit from selling event tickets online? If so, Request a Demo! We'd be happy to chat with you!

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

June 11, 2014

Ocoos Small Business: Mobile Becoming More Important For Small BusinessesNinety percent of media interactions come through one of four screens (smartphone, laptop, tablet, television) while just 10 percent of media time happens through traditional channels (radio, newspaper, magazine). Moreover, mobile (smartphone and tablet) is the primary research tool for local searches as 62 percent of the U.S. mobile population owns a smartphone and 34 percent of people own a tablet, including 49 percent of college grads and 56 percent of those making more than $75,000. These numbers will continue to climb as mobile plays an increasingly large role in the lives of consumers. What are the lessons: 1. Local search is undergoing dramatic change: Mobile devices are becoming more important for impulse based decisions (where to eat ? where to shop ?) 2. Tracking Customer Behavior becoming more difficult:  As they move between different devices, the customer identification and segmentation process is...

Where are the Solutions for Service Based Businesses ?

June 6, 2014

Over the years, innovation has spurred both growth and efficiency in the distribution sector for products. Today, as a product maker, it is easier than ever to market and sell your offerings. The above graph shows the significant innovations for products which include  mail-order catalogs (Sears), superstores with optimized logistics (Walmart) , speciality superstores (Dick’s, Staples, Bass Pro Shops..etc), and finally into the world of ecommerce with Amazon/Ebay. Service providers have seen no similar increase in efficiency. At best, one can say that Yellow Pages has provided a directory (online and in book) and review systems (Yelp, Google) have provided a method for lowering the barriers for engagement. However, largely suppliers of services are still in the same position that product makers were decades ago.   There is a great need for services-based businesses to get the tools to manage their business as well as network with complementary businesses to build larger more...

GoDaddy Review vs Ocoos for Website Development

June 6, 2014

*Source: Wikimedia CommonsAlong with their dominant hosting/domain business, GoDaddy offers a Do It Yourself (DIY) web development tool.  In terms of quality/ease-of-use, it is quite a bit more difficult to use as compared to Wix/Weebly/Squarespace/Ocoos.   With some effort from the customer(2-3 days is not unusual), one can build a decent website, but to do anything real you will need a webdeveloper.  That is, unless you are familiar with terms such as plugins, hosting, dns, etc. Overall, their headset is that we already provide you domain/hosting services, and we can provide a website builder in the process as well.   Launched by Harvard/Kellogg Alums, Ocoos has built a next-generation platform which focuses on solving the sales/marketing problems for small businesses in a more holistic manner. The Ocoos value statement is an integration of the businesses front-end operations...the homepage, the core offerings, and business operations in a platform based approach. This...

Ocoos Vs Wix

June 4, 2014

Wix, along with Weebly,  have pioneered the world of Do It Yourself (DIY) website development.  Wix focuses on providing a web editor where one can design a web interface without having to worry about the underlying HTML with a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWIG) editor..  Indeed with Wix one has a large choice in templates which can be customized to your hearts content.  Their tag line is “build gorgeous websites,” and with some effort from the customer(2-3 hours typical), they largely deliver on that brand promise. In addition, Wix has started to build an “app-store” to integrate other third-party services (ecommerce/scheduling) which can be integrated into the Wix Dashboard.  They claim to have over 45M customers and offer their websites for free. Overall, the Wix point-of-view seems to be:  “Here is a tool-kit of templates, vendor integrations, api’s with which you can build your business solution.”   The long term maintenance issues around...