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We all have important values and ideas, things we care about and want to share. Sometimes we feel our ideas can even change the world. The National Karate & Kobudo Federation is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the tradition, and history of the Karate and Kobudo of Okinawa and Japan. History has taught us that the need for proper documentation was not realized until modern times. The ancient arts have been passed down from instructor to student for centuries. Along the lines the waters have clouded. It is the goal of the NKKF to do our part to preserve the traditions that have been passed down to us in their unaltered form.

The NKKF is a Brotherhood of Martial Artist from around the globe working together in their common goals of preserving and promoting their arts. The NKKF Shihan Kai consists of Shito Ryu, Goju Ryu, Shorin Ryu, Okinawan Kempo, Goshin Budo, Shotokan, Shorei Ryu, Ryu Kyu Kobudo as well as several of the less popular arts.

The National Karate Kobudo Federation provides instruction and advancement in Karate and Kobudo. With all members receiving discounts on Seminars and equipment.

There are NKKF members in 15 Countries and several US States. The NKKF understands that the exchange rate is not the same for all currency. Contact the Honbu or Country Honbucho (NKKF Shihan in charge)for prices outside of the United States.

NKKF Members will receive invitations to train with Masters from Japan and Okinawa in several different Martial Arts.

Ever dreamed of training with a Master of the Arts in Karate or Kobudo? Contact us about our Seminars and Yearly Training Trips to Japan and Okinawa!

Once accepted the NKKF Charter Member will have access to NKKF Menjo (certificates) for their students. These will be issued by the State Representative or NKKF Authority directly to the Charter Instructor. Register a minimum of 10 Students and Instructor receives a full Charter Membership at no cost.


INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP: (for the individual with no school or Association Affiliation)
$40.00 yearly membership fee

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: For the Head Instructor or Association/School that wants to enjoy the Benefits of an International Association with a wealth of knowledge to help them advance, promote, network, and legitimize and optimize training.

$50.00 membership fee yearly.

For the Head Instructor Who wants to offer the most for his Association/School and students with certification for his Instructors, School, and all Students with a World Wide Organization 

$150.00 membership fee yearly registers the Association/School Internationaly,along with the Instructors, and the students.This membership allows the Head Instructor full benefits in the NKKF, Receive NKKF Membership Certificate, NKKF Patch, NKKF Teaching Certificate, NKKF Registered School/Dojo Certificate, Personal Invitation to all training with Master Instructors. Rebate on all students enrolled with NKKF. All Students enrolled under the Sensei With the Chartered Membership Plan receive a reduced rate for Individual Memberships.

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NKKF Membership (Fill out if you are a new member)