Tiffanie Kellog: March 16th Luncheon

"The Platinum Rule: Why You should treat others the way THEY want to be treated"

Speaker: Tiffanie Kellog This workshop will teach you how to quickly recognize the behavioral "style" of anyone. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be able to adapt your own communication style to quickly establish rapport and trust... with nearly anyone. This information will help you become a master networker. Discover how to leverage behavioral styles to make networking pay off in tangible business results for you.


Tiffanie Kellog is committed to helping revolutionize the way entrepreneurs think about marketing. How? Through Referral Based Marketing. Getting referrals is not about LUCK, it is about developing a strategy to make sure referrals are created for you EVERY DAY. Since 2006, Tiffanie has shared how to make more money while saving time with thousands of professionals across the country… by creating referrals for life! Tiffanie says, “Growing your business by referrals is a dream for many entrepreneurs; my goal is to help them achieve that dream!” An epiphany is defined by Webster Dictionary as an experience of sudden and striking realizations. By working with Tiffanie, people receive an “eTiffanie” that will help create an increase to their profit while saving time. Through keynote presentations, speeches, programs and workshops, Tiffanie shares in person how entrepreneurs create their own referral marketing success. Tiffanie is a contributing author to the best-selling book, Money on the Table: Referrals in the Bank, and has a blog where people can experience their own “eTiffanie” .

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