Oct. 19th - Guardianships for the Elderly

"Guardians for the Elderly"

presented by

Kenneth and Vera Swade

is an adjunct professor at the College of Central Florida and coaches
basketball at the Ocala YMCA.

is an adjunct professor at St. Leo University and the College of Central
Florida in Ocala.

Vera and Ken are lifelong educators who relocated to
Florida fifteen years ago to retire. Having cared for their elderly parents,
they saw the tremendous number of elderly and disabled who need care and
support in our community. Subsequently, they became professional guardians and
are licensed by the state of Florida.  They currently are responsible for
several wards, who were appointed to them by the Citrus County Court system.
Their responsibilities include ensuring that wards have the best quality of
life available to them, including a safe environment, top notch medical care
and activities designed to improve their quality of life.