The 6 P's for Achieving Your Goals

Posted at 5:43 pm on 07/27/2016 by Dave Greene RN

"Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen, and others make it happen."

Michael Jordan

In life it's all about trying to make things happen, and bringing your dreams to life through action.  There are tons of people that want others to benefit from their ideas, but don't have a proven process for achieving success.  Seeing something to completion is hard, but provides the opportunity for personal growth through character development. 

The 6 P's for Getting it Done is your road map for achieving your goals:
  • Purpose:  The first step in getting things done is understanding the reason behind what you're trying to accomplish.  If you don't have a reason or aren't crystal clear about  the result you want to achieve, you'll just spin your wheels instead of reaching that chosen destination.
  • Passion:  You have to be excited about what you're doing because if you're not, then no one else will be either.  That passion has to be constant in varying levels just like a smoldering fire that flares up at times, and continues to glow through the cold of the night.  The more you share your passion the longer those embers will continue to glow, and increase into a blazing fire.
  • Plan:  You need to proactively think through the best route to your destination, and create a plan that will attempt to avoid the obstacles and sinkholes along the way.  By sitting down and creating a methodical plan, your efforts will have the direction necessary to achieve your objective. 
  • Pliable -  Knowing that your journey is bound to encounter challenges you have to maintain a proactive mindset for solving problems.  When or if unavoidable roadblocks do occur you need to stay calm, and devise a new strategy to push through the obstacle.  It's important to be ready to "fail fast", and stay on course to reach your goal.
  • Perseverance:  Persevering is being able to reach your destination by maintaining a positive outlook that guides your thoughts and actions through the challenges you face.  To be successful you have to roll out of bed each morning and stay motivated even when there is no light at the end of the tunnel to be able achieve your dreams.
  • Performance - Finally, all the purpose, passion, and planning results in creating a mindset of a person who has the character and tenacity to achieve any objective.

Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on

after others have let go”. 

William Feather

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