I'm away, but not unavailble - soon to offer virtual support

Posted at 11:17 pm on 10/11/2016 by Dave Greene RN

Hi Everyone,

No, that's not me.  I'm not that cute, but that's my little girl who's sad that Daddy's away.  Yes, I've had to take a hiatus to better meet my families needs with a contract position as a hospital case manager.  Those pesky benefits are expensive, so off I went to far off lands to share my smile while keeping the lights on at home.

Being a clinician that has the ability to help people solve their problems is what makes me tick, whether it's in a role of a case manager or leading a group of people.  Being in the trenches everyday with patients and families in crisis provides me with the opportunity to stay informed, and supports my need to make a difference in this world.  It also provide direct access to knowledge that increases my ability in finding new ways to better support people transitioning to the community.  What has been very interesting in my role is to discover that I'm encountering the same issues that occur in my own backyard in this far away land.  This experience has confirmed my decision to follow my gut instinct in developing a new service that will not only support those in my own community, but can meet the needs of people anywhere who may be looking for support in dealing with a current health care that are struggling with a health care challenge or decision.

In the hospital I meet people everyday that find it difficult to support their loved one because of limited availability.  I understand that one things we lack most in life is having enough time for what needs to get done.  Our lives our complicated by our work schedules, family responsibilities, and the unexpected events that occur in our lives.  Sadly this doesn't allow most people to drop everything, and support the people they love in the matter they had wished.  Therefore, I'm working on a new offering to meet you virtually at times that support your schedule needs where I can provide insight, answers, and a plan.  My hope is to have this service available within the month.

I would like to ask you a hug favor.  Please provide your feedback and share your thoughts if you would personally find this new offering valuable?  I'd to provide services that meet the needs of the people I serve.  Thank you for taking the time to visit.  Take care.


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