Developing Wisdom - 4 Steps for Making Decisions That Lead to Your Success

Posted at 5:27 pm on 07/27/2016 by Dave Greene RN

Developing Wisdom - 5 Steps for Making Decisions That Lead to Your Success

​ Life is full of choices you have to make each day that create outcomes that can significantly affect your life.  It is these challenges that can change your direction and destiny in life if the wrong decision is made.  Therefore, it is easy to become paralyzed by fear when facing such a crucial decision, and not take the opportunity to control the situation that can determine success in your life.

So what can you do to "Make Decisions that Lead to Success"?  Just like professional athletes who train themselves to compete so they win consistently, you need to follow a decision making process that results in providing a consistent positive outcomes that enhances your life.

Here are "4 Steps for Making Decisions that Lead to Success":

Explore - The first step for any decision that has to be made is to "Explore" why the decision is necessary.  What are the ramifications if it wasn't made or delayed?  If it's a must, then move quickly to listing all possible decisions that could be made in the situation.  Write the options on a piece of paper or in the computer where they are visible for providing a comparison.  Try to list as many possible solutions that enter your mind, and be creative by thinking like you're solving a problem.  Its similar to swinging a bat in baseball because there may be numerous types of stances, grips, and swings possible, but the only thing that really matters is to whack the ball out of the park. 

Therefore, think about your decision as the ball you need to hit, and determine the best option for a home run (your decision).  Take the options on the list and create two columns that signify the cause and effect result of each solution.  One should be for negative, less than positive, or only a single-sided win.  The other should be for the positive result you and others involved desire.  If the decision will affect multiple parties try to choose the option that provides the best outcome for all involved.

Expedite - Once you've decided on an action to take then move forward with the decision. People often fall into the "paralysis analysis" trap during the decision making process.  To ensure that this is avoided create a timeline for the decision to be made.  "A line in the Sand" that will prevent procrastination and the possible detrimental repercussions resulting by not taking action.

Execute - Then you need to make it happen.  Just like everything else in life, nothing happens without action.  Make your decision with confidence, and stay vigilant concerning the outcome.  Be prepared to move through the process again if the decision doesn't produce your desired result by starting at the beginning of the process to ensure you follow the "4 Steps for Making Decisions That Lead to Success".

Experience equanimity - Finally, after your decision results in a positive outcome be sure to archive this memory in your mind for future reference.  By creating a historical reference of your success for making difficult decisions, you'll have the courage to face other challenges confidence knowing how to "Make Decisions That Lead to Your Success". 

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