Bad News - How to deal with the storms in your life?

Posted at 10:59 am on 08/04/2016 by Dave Greene RN

Do you ever feel like a black cloud is hovering over your head?  Of does it seem just like when things were starting to progress in a positive direction the other shoe falls off?  Yesterday was a day like that for me.  We received some news concerning my wife's health that we weren't expecting, and it seemed like a kick in the stomach.  We all have these moments, and have to figure out a way to live through the storms of our lives.​

I wish I could say that I initially dealt with the news well, but that wouldn't be the case.  It's hard to see the people we love suffer, and know what to do in these challenging times.  Thankfully, I woke up this morning with some clarity on how to face the storms in my life.  Here it goes:

5 Ways to Weather the Storm in Your Life

  • Sit with the News - When we encounter a new storm in our life, whether it is bad news or a difficult change, we need to sit with the news.  We need to have the time to absorb what we just learned, were just told, or saw what just happened.  By sitting with the news we're able to think about the impact, and deal with the shock of the moment.  We can let our emotions come to the surface in a private way, so we can get a grasp on things before we feel like everything is slipping out of our control.  It also gives us the time personally to gain some perspective and strength, so we can support others.

  • Support Others - Have you ever been in a rain storm that just poured on your head, and the person next to you was spared from the downpour?  Stupid question right?  Of course not, but it's easy in the storm to get blinded by what's going on, and only look for your umbrella.  In the storms of our lives we need to understand that everyone involved is impacted personally, and in unique ways.  Therefore, we have to reach out to each other and provide shelter for each other.  The news isn't going to change, but having support in the storm will help us to remember that eventually it will cease.

  • Sleep on it - Sleep is an amazing thing that provide our bodies and minds the fuel we need to support our busy lives.  It also provides rest to gain the energy to deal with the storms in our lives.  Often when people are sleep deprived they can't think rationally or focus.  When you're in the midst of your storm you must have clarity, so you can face making difficult decisions or better handle challenging news.  Making sleep a priority in the storm will also support a mindset that confirms that storms are temporary, and do eventually pass.

  • Stay Positive - In the storm all we can see is the clouds, the rain, the lighting, and hear the thunder.  It's scary and makes us just want to climb under the covers, but we have to face the storm knowing it's a temporary event in our life.  We must use the time we took to think about the impact, energy from our rest, and put forth the effort to positively deal with the situation.  We need to look for that ray of light that's starting to peak through the clouds, that is our promise that things will pass.  Not that things will be as they were, but that the storm will eventually end.

  • Shift Your Thinking - I know that many of us have encountered horrendous storms in our lives.  Tornadoes that have ripped apart our souls, and laid waste to our lives.  After the storm has passed it seems all we're left with is the decimation, but we need to rebuild.  The only way we can do this after the storm is to shift our thinking.  To look at life from a different perspective, play a different hand of cards, and learn to deal with the new challenges the storm has created.  We all know this is easier said than done, but without a shift in our mindset we won't be prepared for the next twister that wants to wreak havoc on our life.  I hope you can find shelter from the storm in your life today because:

"Life isn't about surviving in the storm, but learning how to dance in the rain."

Take care,


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