7 Steps to Finding Happiness at Work

Posted at 7:15 pm on 07/28/2016

7 Steps to Finding Happiness at Work

  • Be grateful for your job.  Remind yourself how nice it is to pay your bills and feed yourself.

  • Choose to be positive.  Look for the things you enjoy about your job - the people, your ability to use your skills and knowledge, and the chance to make a difference.  Remind yourself about the importance of your work.  If your job and company weren't important they'd be out of business and you'd be unemployed

  • Look for opportunities to grow and learn.  Even if you've been doing the same thing for years, you can focus on picking up some new skills that will make you more valuable to your current employer and future ones.

  • Realize change is part of life both personally and professionally.  Try to get on board quickly with new changes, and encourage others to do the same.

  • Stay aware of company news and possible changes.  Being informed reduces anxiety, and can help improve others perception of you.

  • Ask for regular feedback.  Don't get caught off guard at a review.  

  • Take regularly scheduled time off to reduce stress, and to maintain a positive outlook at work.

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