Seniors Transitional Housing Support

Specializing in Adult Family Home Placements for Elders

Adult Family Homes have been around for some time, but continue to be the hidden jewel in our continuum of care. The Home provides a supportive environment, individualized care, and an onsite care giver 24/7. I have been working with Adult Family Homes for many years, and want to help families in their search for finding the right home. A home that not only supports their loved one's care needs, but offers a place that has other residents with similar needs and interests. With greater than 200 hundred Adult Family Homes in Pierce County it can be challenging to know what home is best.

At MINDWAYS Solutions I'll be your personal guide to show you homes that I have vetted with my own inspections, and who have passed the State's requirements. You'll not only save yourself time, but have peace of mind that a Registered Nurse who understands the care needs of people is providing the information. Having your loved one in the right setting can result in a better quality of life without the disruption of ER visits and hospitalizations. Along with my placement I'll provide the required comprehensive assessment by the state to ensure that everyone is aware of your loved one's needs, and we identify resources that will support their comfort and safety in the Adult Family Home.

If you have been looking for a new supportive living setting for your loved one, please call me today.

Other Elder Housing Options in the Community

Not all clients need the oversight of an Adult Family Home, therefore I also provide guidance and resources for other long-term care facilities that I've researched in the community. We can tour these facilities together or I can coordinate a visit for you at a time that meets your schedule needs. These facilities may include:

    -  Assisted Living Facilities
    -  Skilled Nursing Facilities
    -  Memory Care Units

A Different Way of doing Elderly Placements... Everyone Wins

My goal in delivering care and services to my clients, professional colleagues, or organizations is to create a situation where everyone benefits from the interaction. I believe this can occur when I operate with transparency in a spirit of collaboration where everyone's interest is valued. Therefore, I want to share how I am paid when acting as a placement agency. In order to support the complimentary assessments and tours I offer, I collect a fee from the facilities where I place my clients to cover my costs.

I will only place my clients in settings that I personally visit on a monthly basis, and that have no outstanding infractions from the State of Washington. As a registered nurse licensed in the State of Washington I am considered a mandatory reporter of abuse and neglect. Even if the individual is not my client I have a duty to report any hint of wrongdoing to the State or face civil and criminal penalties. Therefore, you can be confident your loved one will receive my dedication at supporting their care needs with the backing by the advocacy laws from the State of Washington.

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