About: Mindways Solutions LLC.

Dave Greene RN - Principal Consultant

"Life isn't about surviving in the storm, but learning how to dance in the rain."

An Idea is Born

I'm Dave Greene, a registered nurse and the founder of MINDWAYS Solutions. A locally owned and operated care consulting company that serves the Pierce County communities.  My passion to start MINDWAYS Solutions originated  from my own personal experience of supporting my wife's chronic illness for the past 11 years as we've navigated the maze we often call health care.  Over the years we've been exposed to a number of wonderful providers with various specialties, had to complete a multitude of different diagnostic testing, and have had multiple stays in hospitals for the neurological surgeries she required.  As a husband I found it difficult in the midst of our challenges to always know what to do, what resources were available, and if were we making the right decisions.  At these times I was a family who was worried about the person I loved, and not the nurse who should know what to do.


Therefore, I decided that there needs to be support for people in the community who are facing the same challenges I faced.  A place where you can get a straight answer from someone who truly knows how it feels, has been in a similar situation, and most importantly is able to draw upon years of knowledge and first-hand experience to share advice that will support you during your challenge.  Mindways Solutions is the result of both my 25 years as a clinician couple with my personal experiences as a care giver for my wife.


During my career I've had the privilege of functioning in a variety of capacities in addition to my role as a Registered Nurse.  I started as a Navy Corpsman with a Marine Infantry Unit, then transitioned to a Pharmaceutical Sales representative for a women's health product, and finally found my calling as a Registered Nurse.  For the past 12 years as a nurse I've worked directly with patients in the emergency room, the progressive care unit, in the community as a hospice nurse, and have held leadership roles with local agencies overseeing clinical operations to ensure that the patients and families I served received the care they needed.  Below you'll find my LinkedIn profile that provides more specifics about my roles.

What drives me each morning to get out of bed is the passion for serving people and their families in a health care crisis, and my hope to make a positive impact on them during that challenging moment.  It my goal to help you and your loved one get the information you need, provide the understanding you deserve, and offer the guidance you seek to support you in making the challenging health care decisions you face.  By being at your side during these times I will deliver service that makes you feel valued, a caring approach like you were family, and provide you with the confidence that together we will achieve your care goals.  Thank you for stopping by, and allowing me to share my story with you.