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Posted at 8:21 pm on 05/17/2014 by Dave Greene RN, CWCC

May 12, 2014 12:53 PM


I've been reviewing the information on this site, and what has been posted in the blog.  All this has got me thinking about what I look for when I visit internet sites or establishments in my community.  Let me expand on my thinking with a quick story about my car from a couple of weeks ago.

I was driving down the freeway on the way to an appointment, and to my disbelief I started seeing a bunch of smoke behind me on the freeway.  At this point I had been paying more attention to the music I was grooving to as I zipped down the road rather than the gages in my car.  The car I've had for a number of years without any major problems, so I didn't expect what was going to happen next.  Yep you guessed it!  It was my car smoking, and saying to me via the gauges that I'm hotter than hades under this hood.

Long story short, a good friend of mine directed me to a shop where he takes his business vehicles because they're reputable and affordable.  They quickly assessed my issue, replaced the broken parts, gave me a parts guarantee, and charged me a reasonable rate that left me some money to buy my good friend lunch for his help.

Why the story?  If you're a client, a customer, or a smoker wanting to quit isn't each person looking for the same thing?  A product you can trust, a guarantee that will provide for any future challenges you may face, and a price that seems fair and reasonable when compared to others.

Therefore, I wanted to provide some scientific research that supports how MINDWAYS can help fix that figurative car in our story for you.  I encourage you to take a peek at these two studies, and look around our site to see how we tie it all together to help smokers be successful at stopping smoking.  Please let us know your thoughts good, bad, or indifferent.  Have a great week.

We have some programs scheduled this weekend.  The information is posted here.  Take care.

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