Obamacare - A Guide to the Impact on Business

Posted at 5:39 pm on 05/17/2014 by Dave Greene

Sunday, April 13, 2014 9:14 PM

Good evening,

In preparation for the webinar I'm hosting this Thursday April 17th "Achieving Retention and Revenues with a Smoke-free Workforce", I wanted to provide people some highlights of some of the components that affect businesses.  Company size seems to be the determining factor in figuring out how you'll function as a business with 100 full-time employees or the equivalent.  I have taken information from the Obamacare website, and compiled it in an easy to read document for people.  Please let me know if you found it helpful.

My webinar this Thursday is to kick off our MINDWAYS Smoking Cessation program that combines different proven methodologies to bring about lasting change in the smokers were privileged to help.  As you look at this information you'll quickly realize how providing an opportunity for your employees to gain freedom from smoking will benefit you in a number of ways:
  • You'll give them the opportunity to be a more active and engaged individual at work and at home.
  • They'll be healthier, and therefore will be present more at work reducing days off, reduced medical claims, and they should qualify for lower premiums.
  • Finally, you'll be acting as a supporter of championing health in the communities where your customers live, and it will be clearly evident that you have their best interest at the center of your mission.

Thank you for allowing to share with you.  Take Care.

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