Mind over Matter - What can your mind really do?

Posted at 4:07 am on 06/26/2014 by Dave Greene RN, CCWC
​June 26, 2014 1250am


Today I was thinking about some of my close family members who've smoked for many years, and also thought about the roller coaster ride of trying to quit for them.  Why is it so difficult to stop smoking?  People can show you scary pictures, tell you it shortens your life, and even might make you feel physically awful and still you smoke.

NICOTINE - the active ingredient in cigarettes is known to highjack your brain by altering the way brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) relay messages that cause chemical reactions.  Studies show that as quickly as within 7-10 seconds after that initial puff, nicotine accesses those brain chemicals by entering your bloodstream.  It then either creates a soothing effect or the opposite.  A similar reaction occurs with two common illegal substances (heroin and cocaine), but it actually takes up to 15 seconds with these two perpetrators.  Therefore, no wonder it's challenging for people to quit unless they use a powerful aid to create personal success.(http://science.howstuffworks.com/nicotine3.htm)

So, the question is then - "what is a powerful aid that can create success?"  I'll give you a hit, it's sort of round and sits on top of your shoulders.  Not quite the medical terminology they taught me in nursing school, but you get the idea. :)  Yes, it is your brain/mind - the center of control over our bodies.  I want to provide some examples this morning to show the power of our minds in altering our bodies and our perceptions. 

This information comes from an article I read that is too long to reprint here, but I provided the title and link for you to read at your convenience.  I'll also provide an overview with my thoughts.

Humans - 10 Amazing Examples of Mind over Matter by S. Grant 5/21/2013 - www.listverse.com

1).  Drying Sheets - A group of Tibetin Monks meditation techniques were studied because they put their bodies in very difficult states for long periods, and appear to change their own physiology to achieve their spiritual goals. "In one of the most notable exhibits of their skills, a group of Tibetan monks allowed physicians to monitor the monk’s bodily changes as they engaged in a meditative yoga technique known as g Tum-mo. During the process the monks were cloaked in wet, cold sheets (49 f / 9.4 c) and placed in a 40 f (4.5 c) room. In such conditions, the average person would likely experience uncontrollable shivering and would shortly suffer hypothermia. However, through deep concentration, the monks were able to generate body heat, and within minutes the researchers noticed steam rising from the sheets that were covering the monks. Within an hour, the sheets were completely dry."

2).  Multiple Personality Disorder - Yes, this is usually not a positive occurance, but it's used here to show again your mind's power - 

In one case, published by the American Psychiatric Press, a doctor noted how medications prescribed to a dissociative identity disorder patient had different effects depending on what “personality” took the drug. For example, when a tranquilizer was given to the person’s childish persona, it made the individual sleepy and relaxed. However, when the adult personality was administered the same drug it made him anxious and confused. Similar results were found with other patients and with a variety of different medications. Doctors even noticed visibly apparent traits, like lazy eye, would come and go depending on which personality was present.  This phenomenon is especially fascinating since no one, including the patients, is claiming mysticism is at work. On the contrary, it is a genuine example of the mind altering the body.

3).  Placebo Effect - I have first hand experience with this as I had a stint as a drug rep at one point in my career with a large pharma company.  Here's the deal -

A placebo is an inert substance or belief which produces real biological effects in humans. It’s so widely accepted as fact that a placebo variable is included in most medical tests as way of proving if, say, a drug works on its own merits or because people “think” it works.

There are tons of experiments showing the proof of the placebo, but one of the most amusing to watch is a test done by a group of Princeton students who decided to throw a non-alcoholic keg party for their unsuspecting classmates. The experimenters secretly filled a keg with O’Douls (contains about 0.4% alcohol while regular beer has around 5% alcohol) and then watched as their peers acted silly, slurred words, slept on the ground, and generally acted drunk. Although it’s nearly impossible to get intoxicated on O’Douls, these college students had such a strong belief they were drinking standard beer that it affected their behavior.

Curiously, researchers have discovered the placebo effect is somehow getting stronger, and some drugs that have been on the market for years, such as Prozac, are now proving less effective than placebos. Naturally, this is a major issue for big pharmaceutical companies, which has left many scrambling to conduct neurological studies in an effort to come up with new ways to safeguard their industry from ordinary sugar pills.

There are seven more examples of the mind's power in various situations, but let's get back to how this applies to making positive changes in our lives.  These examples show how our minds can be used to alter physiological symptoms and psychological perceptions.  Both of these components are crucial for a person to successfully stop smoking. 

In our new program - MINDWAYS QUIT Solution, we teach you techniques that use your mind to control these effects along with practical strategies to create distractions to avoid them from occurring.  We're excited to launch this new opportunity to help a larger number of people stop smoking.  To encourage participation, and make it available to numerous people we've provided a free discount code you can use that reduces the cost of the program to just $50.00 from $79.00.

Our goal is to change people's lives by giving them freedom from the chains of Nicotine, so you can pursue your dreams, be more active, and live a longer life with the people you love.  We're here to support you, you just need to take that first step on July 15, 2014.  We hope you do.  Take care, and try to use your mind today to create a positive outlook.  Let me know how it goes.


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