Leaving A Legacy

Posted at 12:27 pm on 07/30/2014 by Dave Greene, RN, CCWC

​Good Morning,

Earlier I put some quotes up by Winston Churchill.  The reason I did that was to prepare for this posting.  Leaving a legacy.  I think we all have an idea of what that means, but are we acting and doing things in our lives to actually make that happen?

To leave a legacy means living your life with a sense of purpose.  Attempting to be part of the bigger picture, but I understand that is not the desire for all of us.  I just had that conversation with someone yesterday, and we have very different views on making an impact.  Neither of us are wrong, we just have different perspectives and dreams.

What is important is that your cultivating a legacy for yourself.  It could/should be with your kids, co-workers, friends, and other people you may influence.  It is about people thinking of you as a giver, a mentor, someone that showed kindness when no one was looking.  It's about being the best people we can be.

I encourage you today to look at the ways in your life you're leaving a legacy.  Each of us are unique in our own way.  Let the world get to know, and see what amazing things you have to offer.  Take care.


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