Finding the Bullseye is the Key to Helping People Stop Smoking

Posted at 5:55 pm on 05/17/2014 by Dave Greene RN, CWCC

Friday, April 18, 2014 9:26 PM

Good Evening,
Tonight I want to discuss the process of change, and how our MINDWAYS Smoking Cessation program uses a scientifically proven method to hit the bull's-eye 95% of the time with our dart.  I bet there are a lot of people in numerous bars all over the country wishing they had my secret to success, but I'm just talking metaphorically of course.  In this example the dartboard represents the goal of quitting smoking, throwing the dart is the attempts at making the change, and the location of where the dart lands is the measure of success (bull's-eye = you made it!).  
The most important thing in darts if I'm not mistaken is where the dart lands, right? 
Wouldn't you want to approach personal change in your life by hitting the bull's-eye each time?  Obviously that's impossible, but what about 95% of the time?  The MINDWAYS Smoking Cessation program gives smokers the chance to hit that bull's-eye, and achieve the smoke-free life they deserve.  Our approach consists of understanding  how to stand with the dart in your hand, what angle to throw it at the dart board, and how hard to throw to hit the bulls-eye.  We start by knowing how to hit the bull's-eye, but then we need understand your ability to complete the action of trying to hit the bull's-eye.  Once we have this information in hand, we can work with you to throw that dart to hit the bull's eye, and walk out of our program as a non-smoker.
We're currently looking for smokers who want quit smoking, and would appreciate being enrolled in our program for free with just two stipulations.  Enrollees give us feedback on some new techniques we'll be using, and agree to let us use your anonymous positive comments on our website.  If this interests you, please contact us at or by using our personal contact information listed on the site.  Please hurry because we a limited class size, and are planning the first of four classes on April 26th.  Location TBD.

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