Change - Here We Go Again...

Posted at 3:53 pm on 07/29/2014 by Dave Greene RN, CCWC

There are a few constants that occur in the world, and the consistent presence of change happens to be one of them we face.  Change may have the ability to determine what might happen in our life, but how we choose to respond to it will be the factor that creates the happiness and fulfillment we experience.  How then do we ensure we can handle the swells of life, and remain in control at the helm plotting a course to our chosen destination?

There is a four step process that we use at MINDWAYS Solutions to help people transition successfully through life changes.  It is our QUIT methodology that is founded on evidence-based behavior change principles and sub-conscious messaging techniques:

Quantify Your Mindset

As the possibility of change enters your life, it’s imperative that you Quantify your thinking about the process.  By choosing to maintain a positive outlook during times of change, you'll create a perspective that allows you to see new opportunities.

Understand The Need - 

To successfully transition through the process of change you need to be willing understand the need from a subjective perspective.  When you seek to understand the importance behind the decision you’ll reduce your anxiety, and prepare your mind for action.

Initiate Supportive -
Without action people and organizations become stagnate.  The next step is to make a concerted effort to ensure the transition is successful.  Your attitude to be part of the solution versus add to the problem can instrumental in achieving a successful transition, and can result in new professional and personal growth

Transform Your Perspective – By choosing a positive outlook, expanding your understanding, initiating supportive actions you’ve successfully transitioned through the process of change, and created a transformation in your mind that will proactively prepare you for the next expected or unexpected change.

 Change is a not only a necessary part of life, but crucial to our growth and wellbeing.  As you encounter changes take time to use the QUIT process, and you’ll start looking for the opportunities change provides to better your life.

 “Your life does not get better by chance,

it gets better by change.” Jim Rohn 

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