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EZ-VEX Scissor and Shear Sharpener
This is the best way to sharpen convex shears, long curved shears, and color coated shears. The EZ-VEX Puts a "TRUE" convex edge on the shear from the inside of the sharpening wheel and it can also puts a "TRUE" bevel edge on the shear from the flat side of the sharpening wheel. Long shears and long curved convex shears are no problem on the EZ-VEX.
Corrugation on Beauty Shears
Many German and German-style shears have small teeth on one of the cutting blades. This feature is called a corrugated blade, what’s the purpose? German-style shears are generally designed and built with a blunter edge angle. While this serves to give them better durability so you can go longer between sharpening than you would with shears made with a sharper edge angle, this durability comes at a cost. 
Since the blunter edge angle has a more difficult time cutting into the hair follicle, it is also more prone to pushing the hair. To prevent this pushing, shear manufacturer can sharpen small V-shaped teeth into one of the shear's cutting blades (corrugation). The hair is then trapped between the teeth of the corrugation, which prevents the hair from pushing towards the shear's tips.

Metal Edge Sharp has both the equipment and the experience to both sharpen salon shears with a corrugated edge, and to re-establish the corrugated edge on salon shears, which have had it removed (usually by sharpeners, who are either unable to perform this technique, or who are unaware of the importance of the corrugation).

We sharpen most all types of Scissors & Shears:
  • Household
  • Crafts
  • Scrap Booking
  • Carpet Shears
  • Florist Shears & Scissors
  • Sewing and Alterations
  • Large Fabric Shears
  • Kitchen and Poultry Shears
  • Pet Grooming Shears
  • Barber Shears
  • Salon Shears
  • Pinking Shears

Sharpening Services for Stylists / Barbers / Salons We know that shears are the most important tools of the professional hairstylist and barber. Your reputation depends on how well they perform. The reputation of Metal Edge Sharp depends on your satisfaction with our sharpening services. We sharpen all brands of shears and scissors including Convex and Beveled edge shears. Using the Ez-Vex Sharpening System, Our Ez-Vex I.D. Hone Can address the Twist or the Change in Angle to the Blade. Ez-Vex system can sharpen from Inside the Wheel Creating a TRUE Convex edge.

And restore the item to "like new" condition. The Ex-Vex Sharpening System gently removes nicks and wear without grinding or damaging your shear blades and restores the shear to its original factory condition. Salon Sharpening Service - We'll come to you! (Ocala and surrounding areas) Get your shears sharpened the same day not weeks later. Each shear is custom sharpened according to that shear's design. 1 on 1 consultation with you to learn your style of cutting for complete analysis of your shears. Re-sharpening includes:
  • Scissors disassembled
  • Scissors sharpened & honed by hand
  • Scissors cleaned & sharpened
  • Scissors reassembled, balanced, and oiled.
  • Washers & bumpers repaired or replaced as needed
  • All work guaranteed
  • Free custom fitting of shear to your hand with finger rings

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