Sharpening Price List

ARCO 5-N-1 Clipper Blade Convex Edge The Shop Clipper Blade Sharpening
We offer no cost pick up and delivery for our SR 200 customers in Ocala and Citrus counties, just give us a call.

Beautician & Barber Clipper Blades Blade Set $6.00
Barber & Beautician Shears Convex edge all types for a pair (includes lefties) $20.00
Beauty Thinners & Texturizers Convex Edge $20.00
Barber Shears Standard beveled edge $8.00
A-5, Andis, Oster, Wahl Detachable, & Ceramic Blades Blade Set $6.00

Oster Finisher, Wahl Detailer

Andis T- Liner

Blade Set

Blade Set



Wahl/ARCO 5-N-1 Blade Refurbishment includes sharpening of the comb blade and replacement of the cutter blade and any other blade parts as needed.

Includes New Top Cutter $12.00

Steward, Lister, Wahl

Large animal blades $7.00
Dog & Pet Grooming Scissors Pair having standard beveled edges $8.00
Dog & Pet Convex Scissors Pair having convex edge $10.00
Cuticle & Acrylic Nail Nippers For a pair $5.00
Podiatry Nippers For a pair $9.00
Pocket Knives Per blade $2.00
Kitchen Knives Up to 4" $3.00
Kitchen Knives 4" to 7.5" $4.00
Kitchen Knives 7.5" and up $5.00
Cleavers Single $6.00
Small scissors Embroidery $5.00
Kitchen & Paper Shears Single $6.00
Poultry Scissors Single $6.00
Home Hair Cutting Scissors Single $7.00
Thread Clippers Single $7.00
Gingher, Mundial, & Marks Scissors $8.00
Large Scissors 10" and up $9.00

Pinking Shears

Single $8.00