Sharpening by Mail

Priority Mail USPS

Metal Edge Sharp

Mail-in Prices

Use the USPS, Priority Mail with Confirmation Delivery. Use the
“Inventory Sheet” off the website, and please pack all boxes

2 Business Day turnaround time. Get it
3 – 7 days from when you mail it


Flat-rate boxes are free from the post office. Use the US Post Office and ship “Priority Mail”. USPS
Tracking is FREE, and the Post Office will put $50.00 insurance on for FREE.

 Scissor - Clipper Blade Box, cost is $5.00 Provides safe transit no more wrapping blades or broken teeth during shipping.

orders under $89.00, FREE for orders over $91.00

Clipper Repair -
AND IS ONLY $10.00 plus parts!

Reg Beveled Shears:   $6.00 All A-5 Steel Clipper Blades $6.00

Convex Shears (include lefties) $10.00      Ceramic Blades: $7.00

Most Thinning Shears: $6.00           Barber Blades $6.00

All Chunkers: $10.00   
                   Beautician Shears : $
20.00, Regular or thinners

Refurbish Wahl 5-N-1 Blades $12.00 with new cutter
blade, sharpen comb (if tabs are broken
off we
replace the platform)

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Please call for more information


See website for all mail-in details check Document tab  at top to download forms

Please Call or e-mail for More Information or to set up your sharpening by mail.

For your convenience you can send in knives, scissors, and clipper blades for sharpening. Best method is a flat rate box.The Priority Mail® Flat Rate Box  is a easy, quick, and convenient way for you to ship USPS Priority Mail packages. The Priority Mail Flat Rate Box features predetermined rates regardless of weight (domestically) or destination, similar to the Flat Rate Envelope. Include payment in full for sharpening return shipping, and any insurance you would like. See contact us form for mail in location and notification.

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Documents Attached to Sharpening by Mail:
Mail Order Shipping Instructions