Clipper Blade Services (Taxable Materials)

​At Metal Edge Sharp we use the most technologically advanced sharpening equipment available.  Our blade sharpening machine is fully automated. This machine allows us to put the perfect hollow grind on each blade. When a machine does the sharpening it removes the possibility for human error. Without human error every blade is sharpened the exact same way every time. With the precision and consistency of our automated machine we can guarantee your blades will be sharper longer every time.
The two primary elements required for good cutting and long service life of the clipper blade are:
  • removal of dull cutting radius on tooth edge
  • even tooth contact on every tooth 

However, the inconsistencies that have plagued the industry are most often a result of: 
  • insufficient amount of metal removed to fully sharpen cutting edge
  • uneven metal removal, resulting in uneven tooth contact pattern
The professional sharpener must have the accurate equipment to produce first class results in sharpening your expensive clipper blades. Your clipper blade may be resharpened up to 6 – 9 times.
Honing Discs on the THE SHOP, INC. machine features a 3 .5" wide sharpening surface on both sides. All sharpening is done at this outer diameter where the grinding speed is the greatest and most constant. Minimal variance in the amount of hollow grind from the outer radius to the inner radius is another advantage of the narrow band width. The short stroking distance also aids in precise blade control. The result is a precision hollow grind with even tooth contact which means excellent cutting and maximum blade life for our customers.

Our quality control is achieved when even and equal tooth contact is produced on the blade this must procedure is done by rubbing on an accurate test plate after grinding to display the areas of contact. Visual inspection of a freshly ground surface without rubbing on a test block is just guesswork. Test cutting does not reveal tooth contact.
If you are not satisfied with your present clipper blade performance give Metal Edge Sharp a call for fast and reliable service.

We sharpen:
  • Small Animal Clipper Blades
  • Large Animal Clipper Blades
  • Ceramic Cutters
  • Grooming Scissors
  • Oster & Andis Clipper Repair