Clipper Blade Maintenance

Posted at 10:02 am on 05/07/2015



Lubrication is essential to the blades, they can never be allowed to go dry.

Every time hair builds up in the blade it scoops up badly needed

oil and removes it when you clean them. How much oil

should one use? With today’s new clippers having higher speeds this

produces more heat. Heat can be controlled by changing blades while

keeping the oil on them and never letting them get dry. If the blade

gets dry it will cause more friction and more heat. So, the more you

keep a good comfortable amount of oil on your blades, the less chance

of heat causing red buildup and the cutting surfaces going dull.


How do you oil a blade? Use a quality lubricate i.e Andis or Oster oil


slide the cutting edge over slightly and put a drop of oil on the contact of the comb - that is where the cutter part of the blade actually touches the main part of the clipper blade.




just a drop in each place (4 drops total is sufficient) This should actually be done whenever you are using your blades.