Ceramic Blades

Posted at 8:52 pm on 06/04/2015

Ceramic blades stay sharper longer than steel cutters due to their hardness. While many people call the ceramic cutters "plastic" they are made from non-metallic minerals which are fired at high temperatures in an oven. Ceramic blades should be used on a clean combed out dogs only.  Ceramic cutters can be sharpened but not all sharpeners have the equipment to do them. They are best sharpened on a diamond encrusted flat hone wheel(see above) to create that polished look on the bottom of the teeth. Ceramic cutters will stay sharp 3 times longer than steel cutters but ceramic cutters have a tendency to chip or crack if dropped. Ceramic Blades - Lubricate with blade oil before using. Ceramic cutters may dull the bottom blade if not oiled properly, then the blade will snag or drag.


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