Yoga / Aqua Yoga

We offer a variety of styles to welcome participants to the mat at METFitness. All of our classes cater to clients’ requests for beginner, intermediate or more advanced levels. From Power to Hatha, Ashtanga to Yin Yoga. METFitness offers a wide variety of yoga class styles. Our most popular classes are Vinyasa yoga; a series of poses that flow with each breath and is commonly referred to as Flow Yoga as participants “flow” through poses with each breath throughout class. Class sessions are one hour in length with the option to extend for longer sessions.

Our Aqua Yoga classes can be moved into the pool for an even bigger step away from the norm. Water provides a warm and welcoming environment that increases overall flexibility, strength and balance when combined with Yoga. Optimal pool 
temperatures for this class are between 82-88 degrees Fahrenheit.