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Started getting into fitness when she was just in high school, competing in power lifting competitions along with playing competitive sports. In college, Kelcey taught small Boot Camp and Circuit style classes.

I held women empowerment boot camps and workouts in the park as well. Kelcey decided to become certified through NASM and start one on one training in 2015. She was very successful in doing so, but still loved to teach energetic, strength training circuit classes.

"My training focus is on mind to muscle connection and teaching proper body mechanics for clients wanting to change their lives!"


At a young age Luis’ life changed, as soon his mother put him on a swim team. The swim team training helped Luis fall in love with fitness. Afterwards looking to excel in other sports to include: water polo and tennis during his teen years.

At the age of 22, Luis became personal trainer to help people achieve their goals in fitness. In 2011, Luis began coaching as a Tennis Instructor and received his Personal Trainer certification from NFPT.

“My passion for exercising and sports is what I convey to others.”


Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, played college, and Professional football for 7 years. Through his college and pro years he found exercise and training to be the most enjoyable aspect. After my football career ended I dedicated my time and life to exercise and healthy living.

Tyrrell has his Master’s in Exercise Physiology and is also a Certified Personal Trainer. Tyrrell is also a certified Cancer Exercise Specialist with experience in rehabilitation and training with special populations.


Has always been physically active. Christine is classically trained as a ballet dancer, was a high school athlete on the swim team, yoga for decades, trained for triathlons, 5k's and much more.

She left corporate world to begin teaching yoga and personal training full time. Christine’s passion for fitness and wellness are what drives her to help others meet their wellness goals. Christine teaches and trains for 5 star resorts for guests and conventions.

"To say 'fitness is my life' would be an understatement."

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METFitness offers Personal Training as well as private class sessions for many of our programs. Offering Private Yoga Sessions to perfect your form or Private Zumba sessions to perfect your technique, let us bring the workout to you!