Our Training and Certifications

CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS AT MCCALL TECHNOLOGY GROUP Avaya Technicians Trained for your Avaya IP Office Certified and Experienced Toshiba Technicians Building your Telecommunications Network Technicians that are versed in the NORTEL Systems!
Low Voltage:
State of Florida Low Voltage License, BICSI Copper 2 Installer Certification, Leviton Copper and Fiber Certification, AMP Copper and Fiber Certification

HIPPA Awareness Certification for Business Associates, HIPPA Security Certification for Business Associates

Toshiba Telecom:
  • VIP Edge Communications Specialist
  • IP Edge Communications Specialist
  • TIA Convergence Technologies Professional (TIA/CTP)
  • Strata DK Product Certification
  • Strata CTX 28 Hardware and Features Certification 
  • Strata CIX Hardware and Features Certification 
  • Strata CIX (Strata CTX 28) ACD/MIS Certification 
  • Strata CIX Product and Solutions Regional Training 
  • Stratagy Voice Processing Hardware and Features
Other Certifications:
  • Internet Protocol (IP) Certification
  • CIX Certification in a non-IP Environment (TDM) 
  • CIX Certification in an IP Environment (Expert) IP-CTX
  • ISDN Basic (CTX)
  • Spectralink 150
  • Strata CIX Product Training (Technical)
  • Strata CTX Advanced
  • Strategy Advanced
  • Strategy Family (DOS & SES)
  • Video Communication Systems

Paging and Surveillance:

  • Valcom Training
  • SURVEILLIX Advanced Surveillance Training