Why you should tests for ADHD early?

Posted at 4:42 pm on 01/21/2015 by Powlin V. Manuel MD, MBA, MS.
After being in practice for almost 40 years, I still see children being brought into the office for evaluation of ADHd for the first time in their teenage years. There are many reasons why parents postpone the tests for ADHD – many deny the fact that ADHD exists; they refuse to think that their child is suffering from ADHD. You should do the tests early if the teachers point out that the child may be suffering from ADHD. If ADHD is the reason for the teacher’s concern, denying the diagnosis and treatment puts the child in a difficult position for the following reasons:

If not treated, the children are not able to concentrate and miss out on the instructions provided in school leading to academic failures – leading to perception of being not as good as other students and negative self-esteem. 

If not treated, the children with ADHD cannot take control over the requirements of situations, unable to inhibit impulses and sit quiet in a class room, and being labeled as disruptive and “bad,” again leading to negative self-esteem and associated psychological dysfunctions. If not treated, tasks requiring persistence will be left incomplete, resulting in “bad” grades and a negative outcome in relations with parents.

If not treated, the children will fail to develop positive social relationship with other children and will be left with lack of close friends. If not treated, the children with develop a sense of social rejection and negative mood.

If not treated, a sense of frustration and of unfair treatment from others around develops, resulting in violent reactions and defiance. If not treated, the children may lose the chance of additional academic help and guidance from school such as one-to-one interaction with teachers.There are many reasons why ADHD must be diagnosed on time and treatment initiated; there are many reasons why thesechildren deserve a better chance.

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