What is the earliest age the allergy tests are accurate? Powlin V. Manuel MD, MBA, MS.

Posted at 3:52 pm on 01/21/2015 by Powlin V. Manuel
Many parents are confused about what is the earliest age the allergy tests can be done. The confusion is made worse by the conflicting message provided by the pediatricians and family physicians. Allergy tests can be accurate at any age. When you should test for a particular allergy depends on the individual situation. In children with eczema, diagnosis of food allergy by tests earlier could reduce the progression of atopic disease, if the tests help us to avoid the allergenic food. Food allergy is very common in children presenting with eczema early in life. In my experience in my family, we tested one of our children with early-onset eczema at five months of age and found that she was allergic to milk. Avoiding milk since then made dramatic changes in her skin rash. I would advise the same
for any child.

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