To Continue or Stop ADHD Medications During Summer Holidays? Powlin V. Manuel MD, MS, MBA.

Posted at 3:55 pm on 01/21/2015 by Powlin V. Manuel
The question of the use of ADHD medications during summer holidays has been a matter of debate. In our office, we advise parents to discontinue the medications during the holidays in order to reduce the chance of developing tolerance. The principal reason is that one of our goals -the main goal of treatment of ADHD – is to improve academic performance, and most often for these children not much teaching activity happens during the holidays. However, treatment with medication is not only for academic improvement. The other goals are: improving attention, improving control of impulsive actions, increase the ability to inhibit spontaneous behavior (thinking before acting), improved emotional regulation, and to decrease aggression. We continue treatment in summer holidays based on the need to fulfill these needs, based on the individual situation.

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