‚ÄčTo continue or discontinue ADHD medications during the summer holidays? Powlin Manuel MD, MS, MBA.

Posted at 3:45 pm on 01/21/2015 by Powlin V. Manuel
Most parents like their children to be on ADHD medications during the summer holidays as they think that without medication, the life in their home will be in chaotic.  As a rule, I advise the parents to discontinue the medications during summer. The reason for this is simple; there is no dire need for increased attention when the school is closed, and no academic activity is going on. If you keep the child on medications without giving them a break, the child will develop tolerance to the effect of medications, and the physicians will be forced to keep increasing the dose, and the side effects are set in motion. The teachers cannot afford to be patient with the students as the hyperactivity will interfere with their work: the parents should practice some patients and try to tolerate the behavior of their children for their own good!

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