Tips to reduce fall as you age

Posted at 4:53 pm on 01/21/2015 by Powlin V. Manuel MD, MBA, MS.
Fall in elderly

How to prevent dizziness and fall

Tips to reduce fall in when you get up from bed:

Average Americans live for about 80 years. That is pleasant news thanks to our better nutrition and the excellent doctors. However, as we live longer, many of us develop the problem of dizziness when we stand up from lying position. The chance of fall increases in the aging population; fall can make our life miserable due to increased chance of fractures as age. This is due to a sudden decrease in blood pressure when we assume supine position, and thus reduced blood flow to our brain. How do we reduce the chance of dizziness and fall as we get older? Galicia, G and other researchers (2013) found that if we do some exercise while lying down before we get up by performing “10 full extensions of lower limbs starting from 60⁰ flexion of hip and 90⁰ flexion of ankle joints against resistance,”  the fall in blood pressure while standing up could be reduced. Visit:

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