Tinnitus and Allergy

Posted at 3:37 pm on 01/21/2015 by Powlin V. Manuel
Tinnitus and Middle Ear Fluid: Powlin Manuel MD, MBA, MS.
Many patients come to our office with perception of sounds such as a continuous or recurrent buzz. They come to allergists as it is occasionally associated with fluid in the middle ear. Tinnitus is reported in as much as 15% of population (Chau, J, 2013). Though not caused by allergy, tinnitus can be associated with middle ear fluid, which is often associated with dysfunction of eustachian tube and allergic disorders. There are many causes for tinnitus, one of the most common being side effects of medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen. Stress and fatigue can also can cause tinnitus. Treatment of ear disease, and massage therapy are helpful. Talk to your doctor if the problem continues.

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