Removing Concerns about Baby Shots

Posted at 3:31 pm on 01/21/2015 by Powlin V. Manuel
Having been in practice for about 40 years I find one issue that has not changed – the fear the parents have about immunization. The most common concern included: receiving multiple shots at one time, fear of autism, fear of thimerosal effect.

Multiple shots: we try to give as many shots as possible to keep the schedule current; many parents worry about it. There is no increased risk due to simultaneous administration of many shots. Worry about autism: this is one worry that keeps alive – worry that autism is related to vaccination: several studies have shown that there is no connection between autism and immunization. Thimerosal (mercury) is another concern: there is no relation between thimerosal and any ill-effects; moreover, the fact is that most vaccines with thimerosal have been removed except for some multidose vaccines.
Not taking vaccines carries many risks.

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