Latex Allergy and Skin Rash

Posted at 10:24 am on 05/10/2016 by Powlin Manuel MD, MBA, MS
Recurrent skin rashes? Latex allergy could be one reason!
Latex Allergy: Powlin Manuel MD, Board-certified allergist
Though not common, latex allergy can be a bothersome problem causing dermatitis on contact. Rubber gloves, brassieres, shoes, girdles, contraceptives are the usual sources. Many components of gloves and shoes reactions are really bothersome for those who need to get exposure at work causing very unpleasant skin allergies. Rubber sensitivity can be a direct cause of persistent dermatitis. If you already suffer form eczema latex can cause a flare up.
Patch testing for to diagnose allergy to rubber-related products causing dermatitis.
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