Immunization during pregnancy

Posted at 8:24 pm on 05/28/2016 by Powlin Manuel MD,MBA,MS.
Most important vaccines during pregnancy! 
There has been a reluctance to vaccinate pregnant women because of prevalent misinformation. 
Here are the two vaccines all pregnant women should receive: 
Influenza Vaccine: 
Why is it important? 
It is significant because babies get antibodies transferred from mother when mothers receive flu vaccines, and flu vaccine offers protection to newborns who are vulnerable to get flu during the first six months of age; as flu vaccine is approved for infants only after six months of age. Flu vaccines also protect mothers from contracting severe degree flu infections. Severe degree flu infections are reported to be associated with a high degree of still births, premature deliveries, and increased chance of autism. In short, it is important for all pregnant women to receive flu vaccine. 
Tdap Vaccine 
Vaccination to prevent whooping cough, Tdap, is another very important vaccine during every pregnancy. This is usually given between 27 to 36 weeks gestation. 
Why is important? 
New-born infants are susceptible to get pertussis infection as pertussis shots are initiated only at two months of age. Studies have reported more than ninety percent effectiveness in preventing whooping cough in mothers as well as infants. In short, all pregnant women should receive Tdap vaccine during every pregnancy.   
Live virus vaccines MMR and VZV (Varicella) should not be taken during pregnancy.

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