Immune Functions and Faith

Posted at 3:42 pm on 01/21/2015 by Powlin V. Manuel
I listened to a lecture on “the aftereffects of spiritually transformative experiences” on behavior and outlook presented by Holden, J.M. (2013). Then it dawned on me that as immunologists often we ignore or fail to convey to our patients the effect of spirituality and religious beliefs on healing and efficiency of immune system. Researchers have shown that immune system activity is positively influenced by positive religious and spiritual expression. Improved activity of immune system has been documented in those with strong religious beliefs (Koenig, H.G., McCollough, M.E., Larson, D.B., 2001). It may be that having a strong spirituality and faith can make our immune system more efficient, and we can survive better.
Powlin V. Manuel, MD, MBA, MS.

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