Identifying Food Allergy

Posted at 3:27 pm on 01/21/2015 by Powlin V. Manuel
Food allergy is very common in children; without any doubt many pediatricians have come across of their young patients with ezcema getting worse with eating certain foods. Even worse situations are rare cases of acute allergic reactions to food and almost lethal reactions to milk. The questions becomes suspect when adults experience symptoms due to perceived reactions to food. During the 35 years of allergy practice many patients again and again presented the question of which is the best test for food allergy.

The best way to check for food allergy is first to keep a diary and correlate the symptoms of discomfort perceived by you at your age. If food allergy is suspected, and if you do not know which food is causing the problem, skin tests for all food items will be practical. Blood tests for all items of food can be very expensive. When I say blood tests , I mean tests for IgE antibodies such as RAST tests. Many tests based on detection of IgG antibodies are not always clinically relevant – the tests may mean nothing to your in your situation. Once identified avoidance and challenge will be helpful to decide if it is relevant to you.

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